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Hackathon Sponsors


$9,300 in prizes

Booz Allen Hamilton's Best Internet of Things (IoT) Hack

Amazon Echo and SparkFun Mbed Starter Kit for each member (up to four) of the winning team!

The winner of our challenge will be the most innovative project that incorporates the spirit of IOT! For more information, visit our Github page at

Best use of Capital One's API (2)

$350 amazon gift card for each team member for an innovative, unique, problem solving use of our API.

Cipher Tech's Best Digital Forensics Related Hack (2)

Two BB-8 app-controlled Droids by Sphero + 2 amazon gift cards to members of the team who design the best application that pertains in some way to digital forensics.
Digital forensics topics include but are not limited to: Data carving\reconstruction\recovery tools, finding specific objects (other than faces) in a large collection of digital images, steganography detection or exploitation, registry or memory artifact analysis, encryption detection, or anything else that could aid investigators who are looking at computers recovered from crime scenes.

Math Works Best Hack Using MATLAB (2)

$200 Amazon Gift Card for each team member (team of 4).
This prize will go the team that uses MATLAB (and its toolboxes) in the most creative way

Best Hack to Serve College Park

$1,000 to carry out the development plan for the program and an opportunity to pitch the program to the College Park City Council and sell the city the rights to use it. Please direct questions to The city is looking for a web-based or mobile-based program that could enhance the services it provides to College Park residents. Some examples of programs could include the following:
--a website or app to report geographically tagged problems to the city to fix
--a website or app to track streets plowed by the city after a snowstorm and when they were plowed
--a website or app to track important events taking place in the city and advertise them to residents. Participants are asked to put together a marketing and development plan to lay out how these funds will be put to use. Entries will be judged by the Mayor and members of the College Park City Council.

MLH Best Use of AWS

Awarded by MLH. 1 TB Hard Drives

MLH Best Domain Name from

Awarded by MLH. Swag bags with Sparkfun Redboards

MLH Best Developer Tool

Awarded by MLH. Octocat statue

MLH Best Beginner Hack

Awarded by MLH. Dell Venue Tablets for all team members.


Each Team member will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card (Maximum up to 5 team members).
In order to be eligible for the #BestMicrosoftHack contest, your project must use Microsoft Azure. It doesn't matter whether you are developing for IoS, Android, or any other platform, as long as Azure is used in some way, even if its simply to setup a web site. More points will be awarded to those projects who use additional components of Azure, such as Storage, Virtual Machines, Machine Learning, etc. as well as use of any Microsoft APIs. Additional scoring will be given for Project Universal Appeal and Project Functionality.

Judging Criteria:
Use of Azure (Web sites, Storage, Virtual Machines, Big Data, Open Source support, etc) 1 2 3 4 5;
Use of APIs (Bing, OneDrive, OneNote, Office, etc) 1 2 3 4 5;
Project Universal Appeal 1 2 3 4 5;
Project Functionality (is it complete, does it work well?) 1 2 3 4 5

BookHolders Best App/Program Using Internet Sourced Data

3 million Dogecoins per team.
- Can use any internet sourced data, like APIs, Web crawling, RSS, etc..
- Get started with our ClassData API at

BookHolders Longest Stack Name (Make your own stack, ex. RaspberryLinuxNginxMongoPythonFlask “RLNMPF”!)

Raspberry Pi, Spark Photon or ESP8266 for each team member.
- The most combined pieces of hardware/software wins!
- All of the pieces must work together and be used in the project.
- We’ll have RPi’s, Teensy, Spark Photon, and ESP8266 devices available at our table to use.

Best Use of the SparkPost API

$500 in Visa gift cards! It's quite simple: incorporate the SparkPost API into your project! Any use of transactional email/inbound relays, etc. We have client libraries to get you started!

Go to for more details!

Best Use of Intel Edison

Dell Venue tablet for each team member. Give your project that sexy IoT touch! Integrate the Intel Edison into your project to gather sensor data, move an actuator, connect to the cloud. Bonus points for advanced use of platform such as computer vision with OpenCV, or speech recognition.

Best Hack Built with IBM Watson Bluemix APIs

Each member of the selected team will receive a Raspberry Pi3 Starter Kit. Please provide a detailed description of the services used.

FINRA Music Challenge

The full amount of $1500 will only be awarded if 2 or more groups participate in the challenge. If only one group participates, the prize will be $500. All prize money will be given as AmEx giftcards. Continuing on the theme of music, we'd like you to produce a hack that is somehow related to music. Ideas include making a musical composition using data, integrating with an open source product like Echoprint, or mimicking song lyrics using stock ticker symbols. Those are just a few ideas; we want to see what kinds of creative hacks you produce. Extra credit for using financial data (stock tickers, stock prices, etc.).

Best Hack of the Credible API

Win a Playstation 4. Full documentation can be found at this link (

Challenge Summary:
Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to behavioral health software than just organizing medications and taking psychiatrists’ notes. Our partners are always looking to Credible to provide new and innovative solutions to make their agencies more productive. The more obstacles we remove; the more they can focus on providing better quality care to people who need it most.

Our challenge to you is to build an app that would improve productivity and quality of care for a behavioral health agency. We want to see what innovative solutions you can come up with, but here are some possible ideas to help spark your imagination:
• Use mapping tools to monitor employees’ locations and plot the most efficient routes throughout the day. Is there a way you can adjust client assignments to improve productivity?
• Create a tool that will help respond to emergency situations. How will you determine who to send to help?
If these topics sound interesting to you, we’ve got some more information in this document to help you get started with our web services.

If you have an idea for something better, go for it! We have a number of other web services available to help support your ideas ( Of course, you can always mock-up your own data and get really adventurous. Build an app for phones, tablets, web browsers, or anything else that runs on electricity!

No matter what you choose, we’re here to help you this weekend. Credible employees will be onsite each day, and we’ve also set up a team mailbox to get you answers via email ( Let us know if you have questions or want to bounce around some ideas.

Oculus Best Use of VR

4 DK2s for the best use of VR.

Northrop Grumman Best User Interface Utilizes Hardware and Software

Win a Samsung Galaxy. Hackers should provide an intuitive user interface (utilizing web technologies (AngularJS, Bootstrap, ReactJS, HTML, etc) or system technologies (GWT, JAVA SWING, QT, etc) that interfaces with a hardware component to provide some sort of functionality.

OPIS Best Visualization of Hardware Collected Data

This challenge is about the relationship between hardware, data collection and analytics. Create something new, discover correlations between various data points, or replicate and verify known data connections. Whatever you develop, be sure to collect data from a hardware device and then provide at least two interesting, or creative, data visualizations based on discoveries found in the underlying data.
Need an example? No problem!
• Use an Arduino and an air quality sensor to track the changes in air quality at Bitcamp.
• Use a Raspberry Pi and a set of hardware buttons to track button presses or decisions (e.g.: “pirates” or “ninjas?”)."

Best Hack Built with Contactually API

Arduino Starter Kits for up to five team members and Contactually swag! Contactually's CRM platform has an open API with OAuth - imagine what you could do with tons of contact data! See the documentation at If you're looking for ideas on what to build, find one of us at our table or join our Slack channel! Code must be made public on Github during judging so we can show off your work!

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